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Module Power & I-V

Advanced monitoring applications can benefit from knowing the actual power output of your PV modules, and tracking module power output over time can help you determine degradation rates without removing modules from the field.

Our RDE300i PV Module Measurement System lets you collect I-V curves and associated parameters from PV modules, either standalone or in-situ within your PV array. These capabilities are ideal for digital twin applications to enhance monitoring and profiling of your PV array performance.


Soiling, the accumulation of dust and other contaminants on solar panels, can result in significant power losses in PV systems. Soiling accumulations on PV modules can be either uniform or non-uniform, with non-uniform soiling driven by wind, condensation, and rain causing soiling build-up at module edges.

Measuring soiling levels allows system operators to quantify losses from soiling as part of overall system performance analysis and to determine when system cleaning is necessary.

Our RDE300i PV Module Measurement System allows you to use reference modules to capture the complete effect of soiling on power loss, including the impact of non-uniform soiling. And now, reference modules can be either standalone or in-situ within your PV array.

Our Mars Optical Soiling Sensor provides simple, no-maintenance, water-free optical measurements of soiling. No calibration required.

Please visit our Soiling Measurement Product Guide below to learn more about how our products can integrate together to perform soiling measurements with varying levels of maintenance.


For utility-scale PV power plants using bifacial modules, rear-side irradiance measurement is a challenge, given sensor space constraints, and irradiance non-uniformities.

Atonometrics offers multiple solutions for these bifacial measurement challenges.

Our RC22 PV Reference Cell is compact, and provides point measurements of irradiance with ideal dynamic range and other features for rear-side deployments. It also provides a very cost-effective irradiance measurement solution for commercial-scale systems.

Our RDE300i PV Module Measurement System allows you to utilize modules in your array as in-situ reference modules for total effective irradiance measurement.