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RC22 PV Reference Cell

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  • RC22 is the first PV reference cell specifically optimized for both bifacial and monofacial PV systems.
  • The ultra compact design allows easy mounting anywhere, including on the rear side of your bifacial array.
  • Wide-dynamic range, ultra-low zero offset, and dual calibration at both 1000 W/m2 (STC) and 135 W/m2 (BSTC) provide accurate measurements over the full range of irradiances seen by bifacial systems.
  • The RC22’s unique glass-to-edge surface design eliminates excess soiling versus conventional reference cells.
  • Integrated features support multiple mounting configurations.


  • Irradiance
  • Cell short-circuit current
  • Cell temperature


  • Measure high-accuracy solar irradiance for both monofacial and bifacial PV systems
  • Characterize irradiance uniformity on the rear side of bifacial arrays
  • Collect prospecting data at pre-construction sites

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