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Mars™ Soiling Sensor

Mars™ Soiling Sensor


  • Mars™ makes soiling measurement easy. Install, configure, and go.
  • Innovative Mars optical technology determines a soiling ratio by capturing and analyzing images of dust on its soiling collection window.
  • Unlike other optical soiling sensor technologies, it does not require any site-specific calibration.
  • Mount the Mars unit in plane-of-array to capture soiling particles just like your PV modules do. Wash the Mars unit whenever you wash your PV array, to keep the Mars cleanliness identical to your array.
  • Its simple and maintenance-free operation enables users to reduce technician hours and produce soiling loss measurements for utility and commercial-scale PV systems.
  • The all-new second-generation housing provides simple and robust installation, with integrated mounting features.


  • Soiling ratio


  • Determine soiling losses for PV performance monitoring
  • Optimize washing schedules
  • Determine typical soiling rates for forecasting models
  • Collect pre-construction prospecting data at new sites

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