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RDE300i PV Module Measurement System

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  • RDE300i™ brings your PV system performance monitoring to a whole new level, allowing you to see inside your array with in-situ I-V data to automatically calculate PV module performance metrics.
  • Each RDE300i unit measures I-V data, including power (Pmax), current (Isc, Imp), and voltage (Voc, Vmp), on your attached PV module, either standalone or within your PV array.
  • For in-situ operation, RDE300i is wired in-line with your PV string and periodically performs I-V sweeps without affecting your inverter, eliminating the need for standalone reference modules.
  • Use RDE300i to automatically calculate PV reference module effective irradiance, such as total irradiance for bifacial systems, or to monitor maximum potential system output power.
  • By combining multiple RDE300i units and/or additional Atonometrics sensors via the included AUX port, you can automatically calculate PV module soiling ratios and other performance metrics.
  • RDE300i is designed to work with a wide range of PV module types, including crystalline or thin-film, bifacial or monofacial. It has a wide input range and can measure up to 30 A, 250 V, and 1500 W. It connects easily to your SCADA system, providing output data by Modbus RTU protocol over RS485.


  • Power, current, and voltage
  • Soiling ratio
  • Performance ratio
  • I-V curves
  • Temperature


  • Monitor real-time PV module performance & I-V data in your array
  • Determine soiling losses, including non-uniform soiling affecting module power output
  • Measure total effective irradiance with bifacial reference modules
  • Track module degradation

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