Atonometrics products are protected in the United States and elsewhere by the following patents:

Product Patent
RDE300 Series US 10014821
US 10284139
US 9347827
US 9564853
US 9800202
Patent Pending (US 63/186,237)
Mars Optical Soiling Sensor EP 3590187
US 10171029
US 10715081
US 10886876
US 10937139
Other, Soiling Measurement EP 3589940
US 10312859
US 10554171
US 10715081
Patent Pending (US 16/952,258)
Other, Irradiance Measurement Patent Pending (US 17/214,978)
IV100, IV200, IV300 Series US 9413174
Light Soaking Chamber & UV Exposure Chamber US 8440979
US 8773021

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