Irradiance Measurement System

The Atonometrics Irradiance Measurement System allows users to convert a PV module or cell into a calibrated, digital, PV reference device.

Because any production PV module can be converted to a calibrated PV irradiance sensor, it is now possible to measure effective irradiance and insolation as perceived by your PV array, which better correlates with produced power than typical measurements of global solar irradiance made with pyranometers.

In work presented by Atonometrics at the 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), we showed that typical uncertainties in effective irradiance measurements made with PV reference devices are better than 2X lower than corresponding uncertainties in measurements made with thermopile pyranometers.  That paper can be found on the Downloads Page.

Atonometrics can also provide Soiling Measurement Systems for measuring the site-specific effects of PV module soiling on the power output of a PV power plant.  By comparing the perceived irradiance of two modules (one that is automatically and regularly cleaned, and a second which is allowed to accumulate dust and dirt), the Atonometrics Soiling Measurement Systems provide the user with real-time measurements of the effects of PV module soiling on PV power plants.

Reduced O&M costs and lower uncertainty in solar resource data directly translate to reduced financial risk and more bankable PV systems.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your PV plant monitoring and solar resource assessment goals.