Field I-V Measurement System for PV Modules

Atonometrics is now offering solutions for remote I-V curve measurements of PV modules installed in the field.  Our product may be permanently installed with a PV module to take highly accurate I-V curves at user-defined intervals.  Module parameters such as Voc, Isc, and Pmax are automatically extracted from each I-V curve.  The system also provides for PV module temperature measurements.

Because the Atonometrics Field I-V Measurement System takes full I-V curves completely characterizing the site-specific performance of PV modules, it is ideal for solar prospecting studies, as well as side-by-side comparison studies of PV modules from various manufacturers.  The system can be used to monitor production modules for site-specific degradation and performance changes in the field.

The system can also be used as part of the Atonometrics Soiling Measurement System for measuring the site-specific effects of PV module soiling on the power output of a PV power plant.  By comparing the performance of two PV modules (one that is automatically and regularly cleaned, and a second which is allowed to accumulate dust and dirt), the Atonometrics Soiling Measurement System provides the user with real-time data quantifying the effects of PV module soiling on PV power plant performance.

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