Atonometrics and First Solar Coauthor Papers on Soiling Measurement for 39th IEEE PVSC

Atonometrics and First Solar are coauthoring two papers on PV power plant soiling measurements for the 39th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference.  The conference will be held from June 16-21 in Tampa, Florida.

In the first paper, “PV Module Soiling Measurement Uncertainty Analysis,” we quantify the accuracy of measurements of PV power generation loss due to soiling of PV modules.

The second paper we’re presenting is titled “Comparing PV Power Plant Soiling Measurements Extracted from PV Module Irradiance and Power Measurements.”   In that work we use experiments and modeling to analyze the effects of non-uniform PV module soiling on perceived irradiance and measured power generation of PV modules.

We look forward to seeing you in Tampa!  Please contact us to schedule a meeting during the event.

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