Products for PV Installations

Soiling Measurement System for PV Modules

  • Quantifies site-specific effects of soiling
  • Integrates with PV array monitoring networks
  • Easy access and analysis of logged soiling and irradiance data

Multi-Channel I-V Measurement System for PV Modules

  • Measures current voltage relationships (I-V curves)
  • TestsĀ up to 6 PV modules simultaneously
  • Continuous operation including tracking at maximum power

PV Reference Cell

  • High accuracy irradiance measurement
  • Integrated Pt-100 RTD provides cell temperature measurement

Field Calibration System

  • Calibrates PV cells and modules in the field
  • Eliminates time and expense of remote calibration laboratories
  • Natural sunlight more advantageous than indoor flash testers

Field I-V Measurement System for PV Modules

  • Measure in-field I-V curves for data logging applications

Reference Module Electronics for PV Power Plant Irradiance Measurement

  • Convert any module to a reference module for irradiance measurement
  • Spectrally matched irradiance measurements correlate better to system output compared to pyranometers